Terms & Conditions

Your party booking is secured once payment of your deposit has been received. Payment is required via BACS and account details can be found at the bottom of your invoice. The remaining balance must be settled in cash to your entertainer upon arrival. Please make sure this payment is made discreetly, as we don’t want to ruin the magic!


Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel your party for any reason your payment will be returned in full if the cancellation occurs 30 days before the party. Any cancellation after 30 days and your payment will not be refunded. We will however be happy to reschedule your party within an eight- week period.


Please be aware that we do not accept any liability and shall not be liable for non-completion of the event or for any delays arising as a result of ill health, weather conditions, transportation issues or failure of the entertainer to arrive at the appointed place and time due to circumstances beyond their control. If this does occur your payment will be returned to you in full.


Venue, Parking & Travel

Prior to the party the client must inform us of any parking arrangements, restrictions or charges relating to the party venue. Please allow the performer easy access to the venue by ensuring a car parking space close by or someone on hand to assist with carrying equipment. Any toll or car parking charges will be added to your fee. A premium may be added to your fee to cover travel costs if your party location falls outside of our operating areas.


Party & Performers

Bouncy castles must be turned off and keep background noise to a minimum when the performer is entertaining. If there are multiple activities available at the party the performer is not expected to keep the attention of all your party guests. The performer is there to entertain and will not be responsible for the caring or minding of your party guests. The client agrees that all babies, toddlers and children with additional needs will be supervised at all times. If the performer is unable to sing due to illness or other issues it is within their right to refrain from singing without notice. The performer has the right to withdrawn their services with full payment if the agreed limited of 25 guests is exceeded and/or if the performer is made to feel uncomfortable by the behavior of children and/or adults.


Please note that we supply sweets, prizes and suitable gifts at our parties, however, we cannot be held responsible for any harm caused. We cannot guarantee that our sweets are nut free. It is the responsibility of the client to inform us of any children that will be attending the party who have allergies, illnesses or any other type of disability. If you do not wish us to supply sweets, prizes or gifts then please notify us prior to the event so that we can agree and arrange alternatives.


Safety is very important to us, we will do all that we can to ensure that no injury occurs to any persons at our events. However, in the unlikely event that an accident occurs, With Love From a Princess cannot be held responsible.


We do not accept liability for any damages that may occur on site. The venue is the responsibility of the client. The host/parent is responsible at all times for the general supervision of children within the party venue and for insuring that children only leave the party venue with their own parent or guardian. We reserve the right to use photographs for promotional purposes. If your photograph is chosen for any purpose, including but not limited to promotional purposes we promise to notify you ahead of time.



If you do take any photos during the party we would love to use the images for our Website, Facebook and Instagram. Please let us know if you are willing to give permission for your images to be used on our social media as well as held on file. (Please tick suitable box) I give permission for images to be used for:       

Website  □       Facebook  □    Instagram   □     Promotional Uses  □   Held on file □ 

If you are happy for us to use your photos but have guests who would prefer not to be on our social media sites then please inform the Princess on the day of the party.



All of our characters are generic and inspired by popular fairytale and storybook characters. With Love From a Princess does not wish to violate any copyright laws and any resemblance to known copyrighted characters is accidental. By signing our agreement clients confirm awareness that With Love From a Princess does not represent any licensed or copyrighted characters.

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